Friends, KNOW ABOUT ANTARCTICA is a very exciting place on this earth. Which is also the fifth largest continent. Due to being on the South Pole, there is 6 months of day and 6 months of night. It is a very cold region which is covered with thick sheets of ice. But there are many things here that you might not know, so in today’s article I will tell you 10 things you should Know about Antarctica.


Antarctica is 1.5 times bigger than America in terms of area. Which is divided into two parts, one is East Antarctica and the other is West Antarctica. Antarctica also has the Transantarctic Mountains, which is one of the longest mountain ranges in the world. Scientists have found this by researching that millions of years ago there were forests and animals also lived there, because fossils of cats, dinosaurs etc. have been discovered there.


Friends, you may or may not Know About Antarctica, but there is also a nuclear power station in Antarctica called McMurdo Station. Which is operated by the United States Antarctic. This nuclear power station
Running since 16 February 1956. 1285 people work in this station during summer and 250 people during winter. There are also 85 buildings here for these people to live.


On July 21, 1983, the Russian-run Vostok research station in Antarctica recorded the lowest temperature ever recorded, which was −89.2 °C. This was not only the lowest temperature in Antarctica, but also the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth. Know About Antarctica was less


The average thickness of the ice of Antarctica is 1.6 KM and 90% of the Earth’s fresh water is on it in the form of ice. In some places of Antarctica, wind blows at a speed of 320 Km / hr. There is no human life there, so there is no damage and if the wind starts blowing at this speed in the populated cities, then a storm will come and there will be havoc. To make an easy comparison, we can do such a thing that the fastest train in India is the Gatimaan Express which runs at a speed of 160 Km/hr. And China’s bullet train which runs at a speed of 350 km/hr, just imagine how stormy the speed of 320 km/hr wind in Antarctica would be.


It is also a wonderful thing that there are two ATM machines in Antarctica which are in McMurdo Station and operated by Wall Fargo.


Know About Antarctica. Antarctica was not always as cold as it is today. Thousands of years ago the temperature here was equal to the temperature of California. And if seen from the point of view of area, it is the fifth largest continent. Which is twice as big as Australia. A treaty was signed by 12 countries in 1959, under which Antarctica was asked to be used only for peaceful purposes. Therefore, no country owns Antarctica.


Scientists have estimated that if all the ice in America were to melt, it would raise sea water by 6 feet. One more thing, you must have read in the books that due to the inclination of the earth, there is day for 6 months and night for 6 months.


On January 7, 1979, Emil Marco Palma, the first person born in Antarctica, was actually from Argentina. After this, till now 10 other people have also been born in Antarctica.


Know About Antarctica. In March 2000, a piece of ice broke off from the Ross Ice Shelf (an ice sheet 600 km long and 15 to 50 m high) that was 270 km long and 40 km wide, larger than the Indian state of Tripura. There is a Deep Lake salt lake in Antarctica, whose water is so salty that no matter how low the temperature here, the water of this lake still does not freeze.


Know About Antarctica
. You will be surprised to know that despite being so cold in Antarctica, there are still active volcanoes. And right now the biggest active volcano here is named Mount Erebus. Which was formed about 13 lakh years ago. It is situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level.

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Know About Antarctica. Do you know that if a scientist goes to work in Antarctica, he has to get his appendix and wisdom teeth removed. Fortunately, this rule is applied only to the scientists working here for a long time and not to the travelers going here.

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