What is OnPage Optimization SEO


What is On-Page OPTIMIZATION SEO definition On-Page Optimization SEO Factors: The focus of all Optimization SEO methods is only on increasing the traffic by increasing the ranking of your website on the search engine and for this the coding of your website should be according to the algorithm of the search engine so that the … Read more

What is social bookmarking in SEO in ENGLISH and how does it work


Understand definition of Social Bookmarking in SEO What is Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking in SEO is a very important tool to increase the web presence of any website and to promote the website because many people consider it a good way for backlinks for SEO. Social Bookmarking in SEO for Internet users is a method … Read more

Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know


POPULAR SEO TERMS Algorithm: In POPULAR SEO, the code of the algorithmic search engine is called. This is the program that search engines use to display the results of any search query. Headings – When any text is written inside the heading tag on the website (like H1 or H2) then it is called heading. … Read more