What is TOR Browser, how does it work and why do hackers use it?


Do you know what Tor Browser is, how it works and why hackers use Tor-Browser?

Friends, in this world of internet nowadays it is not an easy task to keep your identity and personal information hidden.

If you search something on the internet or check any website thinking that no one is watching you, then you are thinking wrong.
Because there are many such websites and hackers on the Internet who hide and store your identity and information and can also misuse it.

Now there will be a question in your mind that what should be done in such a situation so that your identity remains hidden on the internet and no one can take advantage of it wrongly, so today I will tell you about Tor-Browser.

With Tor browser, you can easily hide your identity, whether you run it on a computer, laptop or install it on a mobile.

So let’s now know without delay what is Tor-Browser, how it works and how Tor-browser is used.

Tor Browser

What is Tor Browser

Tor means The Onion Router is a browser with the help of which you can browse anything anonymously by hiding your identity on the Internet.

This Tor-browser changes the IP address used from your computer, mobile so that no one can catch your original IP address.

The Tor-browser has been created by the US Navy Research Lab under the Tor Project, which is a non-profit organization.

The main job of the Tor-browser is to maintain the privacy of the users so that no one can trace them in any way.

How does Tor Browser work?

Tor-browser converts your original IP address into a Virtual IP address so that no one can trace your IP address and no one knows what you are searching on the Internet.

Whenever you open a website in tor-browser, instead of your server, that website opens in the server of tor-browser and the servers of tor browser keep changing so that the ip address of your server remains absolutely safe.

What are the advantages of Tor Browser?

Friends, you must have come to know what is Tor Browser and how it works, but we also know what are its benefits so that you too can take advantage of Tor-browser.

● With the help of Tor-Browser, you can protect your data from hackers.
● With Tor Browser, you can change your original IP address to virtual IP address.
● With Tor browser, you can search anything in a confidential manner.
● With this browser you can use secure communication.
You can also encrypt data with Tor-Browser.

Why do hackers use tor browser?

Tor browser is used by hackers so that no one can trace their location and they continue to do their illegal work.

So friends, I hope that now you must have known what is this Tor-Browser, how it works, what are its benefits, how to install Tor-Browser and why hackers use tor browser.

But if you have any question related to Tor-browser, then you can feel free to ask by commenting in the comment box.

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